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Tricky Facts About Popular Horror Movies That Will Make You Treat Them Differently

Posted on Oct 29th 2015

Are you a fan of horror movies? Then Halloween must be your favorite time of the year. It’s the perfect occasion for organizing a scary movie night. You create spooky surroundings, you turn off all lights and you invite your closest friends to get frightened together.

There is something about the adrenalin rush that hits you when you watch a great horror film… it’s addictive and you want more. You want to see what demons, spiders, animals, ghosts and serial killers do to people. You can’t sleep for nights, wishing you never watched the movie at the first place, but you still find yourself looking for similar plots on IMDB. Don’t even bother to understand why you like horror movies and Halloween; your subconscious is too complex to analyze.

When you go through this infographic developed by Papers Gear paper writing service, you’ll start seeing horror movies from a different angle. Did you know that the actors from Interview with the Vampire had to hang upside down to achieve that deadly look? That’s scarier than the movie itself! The scenes in another one of your favorite horror movies involved real skeletons… they were cheaper than plastic. That gave you the chills? Think about this: Tony Todd had actual, real bees in his mouth when he filmed that famous scene from Candyman. The actors involved in the filming of Hostel were freaked out when they had to shoot in an abandoned psychiatric hospital with really bad energy.

Some of the facts featured in this infographic are amusing, but others are frightening. There is only one thing we know for sure: this trivial information will make you treat horror movies differently. A masterful film is a piece of art with many layers behind the scenes you see. Have you picked the scariest movies for Halloween night? This infographic can serve as your inspiration!