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The following Terms of Use should be read carefully before the Services of are used, and are applicable to all Product and Service users and website visitors. In these Terms, 'Customer', 'you' and 'your' refers to the person using the service, 'we' and 'us' refers to 'Product', 'Service' and 'Order' refers to anything offered to the Customer by In ordering our Product(s)/Service(s) and/or making use of our site, you hereby agree to these Terms of Use.

Nature of Service

We offer professional and academic research, writing and editing services. We use suitably qualified persons in the provision of unique, personalized, independent research, writing and editing of various assignments including essays, research papers, dissertations etc. We complete assignments according to a specified quality standard and within a specified time frame.

Our Services are designed strictly to be a unique reference to help in the completion of your academic obligations and assignments, and to be used for reference and research purposes only. By placing an order for a Product or Service with us, you agree that the Product or Service will be for personal use only. We make no guarantees regarding grades and performance resulting from the submission of the Products/Services provided by us to academic institutions. We are not responsible for any improper usage of our Products/Services, or for the failure to learn the material covered by any given Product/Service.

Order Policy

You are solely responsible for providing the necessary details when you make your order. If you forget to include an order detail, you may add these details subsequently via chat and online support. It is your sole responsibility for providing us with correct contact details, and this is crucial as there may be times during the preparation of your order that you will need to be contacted. Failure to provide correct contact details, or failure to provide the necessary details when you make your order, may affect order completion, and will violate these Terms and may forfeit your claim to our implied warranty and guarantee. We cannot begin working on your order until you have paid in full for the Service(s) and/or Product(s). We are not liable for any failure of the Customer to pay on time.

We advise you to be careful when filling in order forms. Because we work based on the instructions you give, these instructions need to be very precise and clear. If we are required to obtain additional information because the Customer's order is not clear or precise enough, and this additional information is not provided within the required time schedule, we are not able to fulfill, nor are will liable for, any implied warranty, guarantee or refund.

Revisions and Editing

We offer a courtesy revision service that helps to ensure your satisfaction. In order to receive our revision service, you must request this service within 14 days of the primary completion date of the Product (within 30 days for reasonably long assignments such as theses, dissertations, thesis/research proposals and dissertation chapters). We reserve the right to limit the number of revision, or decline the revision service entirely, in cases not limited to: suspected abuse of the revision option, changes to initial order, unreasonable return of the Product. We will decline any revision requests that do not fall within the original instructions. Such requests are considered as 'editing', which is a service that we charge for.

Discount Policy

We may provide special offers and discounts for our Products/Services for customers who are entitled. Only one special offer or discount may be used for any single order, and special offers and discounts cannot be combined for any single order. Any discount schemes are not applicable to any multiple-choice question answering services – discounts here are based on the number of ordered questions.


It is our responsibility to deliver orders in a timely manner (within the time specified) and to adhere to your specified instructions. We operate a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism. We guarantee your Order to be original, and all Orders are checked with anti-plagiarism software to assure originality. We do not and cannot guarantee that any of our services will be free of plagiarism, and we will not refund any Order in the event that the Order is considered to be plagiarized.

Cancellations and Refunds

If you need to cancel an Order, you may do so at any point before your complete your order. Once your payment is received, this payment is considered final and will not be refunded unless we approve a refund request. If we charge your credit card erroneously (i.e. above the total value of the order), we will refund you the extra amount charged.

If we fail to complete an acceptable order (see Order Policy) in a timely manner, we will provide a refund. In any other unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our Product(s)/Service(s), you may request a refund.

We have the right to approve or disapprove any refund requests on a case-by-case basis. If you decide to request a refund, you should provide acceptable reasons for your claim and proof to back up these reasons. We reserve the right to decline your refund request if acceptable reasons and proof is not provided, or if we consider reasons and proof not be adequate. You are ineligible to place a request for a refund after 72 hours of receiving your Order. In the case of a full or partial refund given, or under any other circumstance where the Order has been delivered but not paid for by the Customer, we retain full authorship of the Order and reserve the right to share, use and resell the Order, and the Customer may not use the Order for any purpose whatsoever.

Product/Service Delivery

It is our responsibility to deliver orders in a timely manner. However, we will not be held liable for any delivery problems stemming from problems that are beyond our control, such as lack of Customer internet access, incorrect email address or failure of the Customer to download the Product. Customers facing delivery problems should contact Customer Support. It is your sole responsibility to provide correct contact information.

Customer Verification

We do our best to prevent fraud, and we take the protection of our customers' billing information seriously. We report all fraudulent orders to the authorities. We reserve the right for the Customer to provide photographic evidence and other related evidence to support their payment information and verify their identity. This information is only ever used to verify the Customer's identity, and the information is not stored; it is destroyed as soon as verification is completed.

It is your responsibility to provide accurate billing information, and to comply to any extra measures we ask of you, such as the aforementioned. Requests for verification need to be completed within 8 hours if the order is to be delivered within 48 hours and longer, within 1 hour if the urgency is 12-24 hours, and within 20 minutes if the urgency is within 12 hours. Failure of the Customer to do so will lead to the violation of these terms, and the forfeiture of any implied guarantees or warranties.

Customer Contact

We provide contact options so you can communicate with our support team and your designated writer, to track the progress of your order and give additional instructions. Through the Customer personal account area, the status of the order can be checked and finished Orders can be downloaded. In placing an Order, you agree that we may contact you regarding your Order, or for promotional purposes. We are not responsible for any additional charges you are billed by your mobile service provider.

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